Vernal Equinox Egg Balance Myth – Real Or Fake?

Vernal Equinox Egg Balance – Hello Friends, Today we will tell you about an amazing fact about “Vernal Equinox Day”. It is the first day of Spring season and this year it will be on 20th March 2017. Eggs symbolize the release of earth from winter and the coming of the Spring. We wish you will enjoy the First Day Of Spring Images, Quotes, Cards. Is it true or false you can balance an egg on end during the Spring Equinox?
So Let’s start guys, First of all the Spring Equinox comes on 20 or 21 March every year. It is one of the four seasonal astronomical events that impacts earth. The other three are the Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, and Winter Solstice.

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Vernal Equinox EggVernal-Equinox-Egg

According to Snopes, However, nothing about any of the astronomical events can stop anyone from standing an egg or anything else on end day of the year.

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